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bad luck
I always thought that my life is very lucky, but from that day on, I feel bad luck.
Things from that day.
My friends and I went to climb the mountains, the scenery is very good, we are very happy, while climbing a joke. Finally reached the top of the mountain, I am very happy! Pick up the phone began to take pictures everywhere. But did not find a stone at the end of the foot, the results should be very clear to everyone, I fell to the ground, rolled down the cliff
Sitting on the ground, I felt a sharp pain in my ankle, my tears came out, my friends comforted me, I held back my tears and limped down the hill.
When I got off the hill, I swept up my trouser legs and found that my ankle was swollen, like a big steamed bun.
And more and more pain, even walking is difficult.
Back home, went to the hospital, after a series of checks, found my ankle fracture.
It's bad luck. I made a short leg cast. In the hospital for two days, you can move freely. My friends came to see me, and I was
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full body broken home nurse2 by QUIXOTE008 full body broken home nurse2 :iconquixote008:QUIXOTE008 7 1 full body broken home nurse by QUIXOTE008 full body broken home nurse :iconquixote008:QUIXOTE008 16 2 full body braced by QUIXOTE008 full body braced :iconquixote008:QUIXOTE008 1 0
Die Klinik
Am nächsten Morgen wache ich mit einer gewissen Zuversicht aus, dass sich meine Lage verändert und hoffentlich auch verbessern wird. Ich bekomme heute kein Frühstück, was mich wundert und meinen Magen zu knurren bringt.
Noch vor der Visite bekomme ich eine weitere Zimmerkollegin, die andere war soweit ich mitbekomme noch immer intubiert und mit den vielen Fixateuren versorgt. Auf der anderen Seite erklärte Schwester Silke der Neuen, dass gleiche was sie mir vor zwei Wochen erzählt hat und auch dass sie weder die gleiche Behandlung wie ich bekommen würde, noch die der anderen. Nachdem Schwester Silke das Zimmer verlassen hat, stellt sich die Neue bei mir als Melanie vor, ich antworte: "Harrllooo,iech biiiien Dänniiieellla!" Sie plappert gleich drauf los, wie groß meine Schmerzen sein müssen, da meine Position ja sehr unbequem sein muss und sie hofft nicht in die gleiche Position zu kommen, denn eigentlich hast sie es an einer Stelle ruml
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ICU lover by QUIXOTE008 ICU lover :iconquixote008:QUIXOTE008 0 0
"It really is... Excuse me. your wife was so soon to be... "
heard the voices Takashi sakiko opened her eyes. At the same time, a severe body aches, -- "..." Sakiko, in spite of him.
"I"? Takashi, pat gently sakiko head. Sakiko was laid in the hospital bed.
"Really," said strain and hey... " As he was shocked by the doctor. "In the morning to repair bone and absolute rest today, I said, how to get down the stairs to... If that's so, "
"Excuse me" Takashi bowed her head. "Really, sorry to bother you."
"But here, it is very difficult to his wife. In addition to the original right ankle fractures, fibula and tibia fracture of the left leg. Cervical spine fracture and sprain in his left arm and jaw fracture. While in hospital. "
Sakiko had an unbelievable feeling is listening to the conversation. Takashi, which push down is because of me... I'd like to excuse, because of a broken jaw and mouth open. Don't move. (not... I don't like! So...) Sakiko to voice, "I... Bio:... " Not only from the
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"Oh, what shall I do..." Sitting on a sofa, Karin looking to herself arm with a sigh. A suspended arm in a sling, which is bent at a right angle from up the elbow to the fingertips are cast fitting. Fall down the stairs of the apartment yesterday, she went to the hospital immediately swelling and pain. The diagnosis of distal radius fracture. It is possible that the ulnar inhibitor, and is forcibly fixed with plaster. she want the life and work of the trouble anyway. When the piano is a lecturer in the Department of Karin the company, yesterday called the "two months to heal a broken arm and easily cut.
"... ... you can work with this. " Gently patted her arm in a sling. Hooded, and the fracture positions, but think Karin 'perfect' and made a face. When all of a sudden, the phone on the table. As a start, dispatch company.
"Ah, dear? ' The company was dispatched from the female employees in charge of the service."How? Still painful? "
"Oh, yes,"
You don't have to ". I got hurt
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Agent Alpha, Chapter 9+41+47
Agent Alpha, Chapter 9+41+47
‘Don’t worry, it’s me. I’m your Director at the Agency,’ your boss kindly introduces himself, approaching your bed. His attention is reasonable, since having eyes under patches, you can’t see who comes in the room.
‘Your persistence is exemplary, Agent Alpha,’ your boss says, standing in the middle of the room, and watching at your fully swaddled body.Then the Boss steps closer to your bed to stand beside it. ‘Although you mission was compromised from the very beginning, and you were tortured in a terrible manner, yet you remained a good patriot, and you didn’t tell them anything.’ your boss says to admire your persistence, while he stands beside your hospital bed. ‘You’re a real hero, Agent Alpha,’‘Alpha, though your latest mission failed, you’re my best agent,’ your boss says to make you this compliment. you know that, despite his praising words, he
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face brace by QUIXOTE008 face brace :iconquixote008:QUIXOTE008 14 2
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broken by QUIXOTE008
Mature content
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out of coma four week after the accident by QUIXOTE008 out of coma four week after the accident :iconquixote008:QUIXOTE008 18 1 in coma one week after the accident by QUIXOTE008 in coma one week after the accident :iconquixote008:QUIXOTE008 13 2
Identity Theft, Part 22
“So, doctor, you say both of the two are my daughter Anita?” Mrs Horvath ask, look through the glass window
“then, doctor, which of the two are my wife Anita?” Ben also ask, he can not find out which is her wife. In the ICU room, there are two women in the Traction devices and beds, and four nurse take good care of them.
“DNA show the left one is your really daughter Anita, and the right is your wife”, doctor said
“how about the case? how long will them stay in the ICU?” Ben ask
“your daughter’s ambulance have a traffic accident, your wife’s prison van also have a traffic accident, both blast, both the two women the only Survivor, so lucky” , doctor said
“so lucky? my daughter back into a full body cast again!”
“that is no a full body cast, but it is really so lucky”, doctor said “they both get Whole body burn and broken and still alive. but as they both have broken some many bone at t
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Freezing by QUIXOTE008 Freezing :iconquixote008:QUIXOTE008 6 0


Back in Hospital by CMWP Back in Hospital :iconcmwp:CMWP 4 4 Kate - New Cast by OneConfusedKid
Mature content
Kate - New Cast :icononeconfusedkid:OneConfusedKid 28 34
BracedLife Patreon Bonus Scenes! by MedicBrace BracedLife Patreon Bonus Scenes! :iconmedicbrace:MedicBrace 16 0 Minerva Shoulder Spica and Leg Brace 1 by MedicBrace Minerva Shoulder Spica and Leg Brace 1 :iconmedicbrace:MedicBrace 12 0 Minerva Shoulder Spica and Leg Brace 2 by MedicBrace
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Minerva Shoulder Spica and Leg Brace 2 :iconmedicbrace:MedicBrace 25 1
Neck brace drawing by monkeypenis5 Neck brace drawing :iconmonkeypenis5:monkeypenis5 2 0 Stewie's revenge (no writing on casts) by monkeypenis5 Stewie's revenge (no writing on casts) :iconmonkeypenis5:monkeypenis5 3 0 Clumsy Meg (no writing) by monkeypenis5 Clumsy Meg (no writing) :iconmonkeypenis5:monkeypenis5 3 11 Chris gets a bad grade by monkeypenis5 Chris gets a bad grade :iconmonkeypenis5:monkeypenis5 1 4 Clumsy Meg 2 by monkeypenis5 Clumsy Meg 2 :iconmonkeypenis5:monkeypenis5 2 0 Pregnant and clumsy by monkeypenis5 Pregnant and clumsy :iconmonkeypenis5:monkeypenis5 1 0 Yuno by excilion Yuno :iconexcilion:excilion 63 8 Cheryl Minerva with HipSpica Body Cast 4 by MedicBrace
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Ski accident part 3 (will she make it home?)
I opened my eyes and immediately recognised my surroundings: I was in the hospital again. It had been less than 24 hours since I had last been here, that must be some sort of record.
Lucy was looking down at my with a concerned expression on her face which quickly turned to relief once she noticed that I was now conscious.
"You're awake!" She exclaimed.
I, in a momentary lapse of judgement (I realise I'm saying this after having 2 accidents within a 24 hour window but just go with it) I tried to ask her how long I'd been unconscious but an indecipherable "Mmmpmmmphph!" was, unsurprisingly, all that came out, seems my jaw is still broken.
Luckily Lucy volunteered the information anyway, unlike the previous accident this had only been a brief period of unconsciousness and it was still the very same morning.
It was at this point that I examined my new injuries. I knew my knee was injured as I'd heard it pop as I fell and as I looked down (well, tried. My neck is in a neck brace s
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The result of ski accident part 3 by monkeypenis5 The result of ski accident part 3 :iconmonkeypenis5:monkeypenis5 3 2


64 deviations
I always thought that my life is very lucky, but from that day on, I feel bad luck.
Things from that day.
My friends and I went to climb the mountains, the scenery is very good, we are very happy, while climbing a joke. Finally reached the top of the mountain, I am very happy! Pick up the phone began to take pictures everywhere. But did not find a stone at the end of the foot, the results should be very clear to everyone, I fell to the ground, rolled down the cliff
Sitting on the ground, I felt a sharp pain in my ankle, my tears came out, my friends comforted me, I held back my tears and limped down the hill.
When I got off the hill, I swept up my trouser legs and found that my ankle was swollen, like a big steamed bun.
And more and more pain, even walking is difficult.
Back home, went to the hospital, after a series of checks, found my ankle fracture.
It's bad luck. I made a short leg cast. In the hospital for two days, you can move freely. My friends came to see me, and I was happy, at least they thought of me. But I don't know what's going on.
After a long time, the doctor said, a few days can be discharged, a few weeks after the demolition of the gypsum, ha ha, I am so happy.
Out of the hospital at home, the house is a mess, and a lot of things on the kitchen has a thin layer of dust. I recently cleaned, I was holding a feather duster, difficult to move a chair, leaning on the refrigerator, slowly stood up.
I put the refrigerator with a feather duster are cleaned, alas, I found the lampblack machine with a lot of soil, why not clean, I worked with a feather duster to clean the lampblack machine, forget my leg was in plaster.
When I think of it, it's already late, the chair is crooked, my whole body is on the ground.
My eyes are black, faint in the past.
I don't know how long it took me to wake up. I feel all over, I can't see where it hurts, I try to remember what happened.
The activities of the hands, found that the arm was not injured, my heart secretly glad, with his arm a little bit dragged the injured body to crawl forward. No two, I almost didn't hurt the bare teeth, fainted, I clenched my teeth, desperately forward rub.
I have a total of two buildings, I would like to play the 120, but my cell phone on the first floor, I would like to cry out. Finally, I went to the stairs, how to do? I can't go downstairs again.
I put my legs and slowly moved forward to the front of the body, two legs together with purple green, I'm going to slowly move down, did not think of my legs and waist at all makes nothing, I rolled down the stairs, lying at the foot of the stairs, spit out a mouthful of blood, faint in the ground directly.
When I woke up again, surrounded by white, ear is the sound of machines, I thought, maybe I'm going to die, right? Suffered such a heavy injury, should think.
But I don't feel much pain, why? I tried to open my eyes to see what was going on. But I found I couldn't see.
Although it is not so painful, but as long as a move on the pain of death. I just slightly raised my neck, want to take a look at their body, feel a burst of bone pain, forced me to lie down.
When I woke up, the doctors and nurses around me breathed a sigh of relief. My heart was shocked. Did I really hurt so badly? Doctors can be so worried, visible injury is not light, right?
I saw a nurse holding a pipe and a bag, because I couldn't lift my head. I didn't know what she was going to do. I just feel a pain in my lower body, and I remember.
I have a friend who is a plaster bandage enthusiasts, told me a thing called a catheter, the truth is the legend of the catheter?
Really good pain! I couldn't help but coy, no use, my mouth and nose Ridose oxygen tube, and a variety of cotton, no sound, I couldn't help trembling, the nurse was frightened, busy called a doctor, the doctor's huge strength, pressed my arm and with a needle, the management of liquid into my body, I felt less pain.
They gave me a pain killer.
I stopped shaking, yellow liquid along the catheter into the bag, I have dizzy spells sleep.

The second day I was hurt awake, the first is the arm, then legs, then the whole body began to hurt, I was trembling, pain, tears wet face of the gauze, I desperately scream, I feel like legs were lifted, I desperately started shaking legs, each have a piercing pain, but I still desperately Akira, ear machine bit by bit rings, a large group of nurses ran over and hold my body, there are several pressed my wound, I'm a lot more, and more pain, I have collapsed, only the nurses were heard shouting, cheer up! Hold one's own!
I really can not hold on, over a few eyes, and do not move, next to a mess, I faint in the past.
The three time I woke up, I saw my husband, my friends, my parents were crying, and I woke up, and they cried harder. My husband was lying by my side and said, "honey, do you know? You saved it for a few days. Don't do anything." I have a thousand words want to say to her husband, can not help but get up, but my mouth was fixed Zhang Zhang boss, but also filled with the tube, nothing to say.
My husband put his ear to my mouth and asked me, "what do you want to say, baby?" I casually said: "old...... I want to... Want to see me hurt... Multiple."
My husband seems to understand what I mean, quickly took out his cell phone, I took a photo.
Put the phone in front of me, I burst into tears. God, is this person still me?
The left and right leg are placed at different height on the tow frame, limply drooping, white plaster to make them look bloated, left hand on the triangle, still wearing a splint, three splints to my injured arm, the right hand is high hanging up, stretched straight neck support in my neck, face with gauze, put on the body in a small tube, leading to numerous machines. Electrocardiogram is very irregular, but also very weak, the upper half of the white flower of a piece of plaster, in between my legs, and even a catheter, as well as diapers.
I cried, I was a wreck, next to the machine and start ringing, friends and parents panic, and not hard, only gently shake me, but the sisters shouted: "cheer up! You have to hold on!"
In a trance, I saw a lot of doctors and nurses, they can not let my mouth out, with excitement.

Three days later, I slowly woke up and found a bunch of doctors and nurses in my side, each holding a pen and paper, as if to record what.

The next month, I like a cripple, with countless tubes to maintain life every day, have nurses came every day, playing with my cast and anesthetic when to the past, I will hurt the faint, then woke up and fainted, woke up again.
What I cannot eat, can only use the pipe to the stomach liquid input on the hand, every day to tie many infusion tubes, days and months multiplying on my hand, scarred. Later, the doctor is no place to tie, picked up a needle, the needle in a small bottle, my fingernail so big in small bottles, filled with liquid, the doctor should have the needle inserted into me ! I was hurt. The doctor tried to comfort me, I do not appreciate, in spite of fracture of legs, desperately fibrillation, cause my left leg, suddenly fell down from the traction frame, knock on the edge of the bed.
This month it shengburusi!
After this month, my pain is much less, but the doctor to reduce the number of anesthetic.
That day, I was lying on the bed quietly, quietly looking at the opposite wall, think of a lot of things, suddenly I feel very pain, I desperately looked up, want to see how, but I can't see. I use the splint of the hand, straining to catch the catheter, but I can not grasp.
Good pain, I scream, really good pain, I perspiration in pain, tears in a wet gauze, I touch my limbs, traction frame shook squeak leisurely ringing, I ignored it all, you danced more crazy.
The tragedy happened, and the traction frame fell off! A direct hit on my body, I think under the wet wet, the bed legs buckle on the curb, I heard the voice of Kaba Kaba, seems to have misplaced! My hand directly hit my injured ribs, good pain good pain!
My injured hand, dragging a heavy plaster, desperately want to go to bed by the bell, but I could not reach, not to mention the traction frame in my body, I to the side of a little move, seeing hands to bed bell, I was straight buckle at the on the toes and fingers and the stamp on the ground.
All the pipes were ripped off, and I thought it was over, but I didn't expect that the tractor had fallen on me.
When they see a mess under the traction frame, they are panic, and quickly with my hand, pull me, just dislocated leg bones, they were a drag, completely injured.
The results are very clear.
About two or three months later, the doctor said, can let my husband push me to go outside. A wheelchair? My heart is not happy, in case of acquaintances how to do?
Her husband did not care, as long as they can go out to look like a good, I have a lot of injuries in the mouth, so there is not much cotton, speak more clearly. I gently said: "in case... There are acquaintances, how to do... Ah?" Husband one face disdain, say "see see Bai, how? Isn't it a shame?"
I was helpless, had to promise him.
He pushed a wheelchair, wheelchair with a traction frame of different height, there is a special hanging infusion bottle.
A large number of doctors and nurses, carrying me to the wheelchair, because I have a fracture of the waist, it can only be fixed with steel nails, but also with a belt, my waist and chair firmly tied, so I can sit.
Husband my legs Alice high, triangle arm crane, another arm stretched straight hanging traction frame, with the neck support my neck firmly fixed, one eye on the adhesive gauze, the nasal bone is broken, with a thick gauze pad a. My ass and pieces of diapers, skilled nursing the urinary catheter was inserted into my son there, I scream with pain, the nurse comforted me gently. I've got a purple net on my head with gauze.
I think I must look very ugly, my nipples are firmly in the plaster, the pain is not.
The husband is very happy, said I do not have to be locked in the hospital, I even have the heart which cries.
After a while, he pushed me out, because there was nothing to do, and my catheter and diapers were out of the way.
On the way we met Song Ma, she was startled, stroking my plaster, distressed and said: "oh my God, how hurt like this?" My wound is painful, can barely smile, "Magang go, I hesitated. My husband asked me: "the baby is not the pain?" I nodded and said, "I'm a little thirsty.".
My husband went to buy me water, put me on the edge of the lawn.
There are several children ran around me, I heard them say: "you see this aunt body is white, as she play?" I couldn't move my neck, but I shook my head and looked at them in horror.
They took my worst left leg, put it down from the tractor, pinched my toes, and pushed for a while, and I screamed, but nobody heard me.
They turned my back to my waist belt untied, I suddenly soft down, my waist simply can't do anything, they always handle the wheelchair, the wheelchair back straight away, I fell on the lawn, they are not enough to squat down, my eyes on the gauze hard tear off, and then beat up, my pain of limbs pedaling, with straight arms stretched, scribbling on the sky, accidentally hit a child's eyes, the child is angry, a slap on my injured head, hard press the gauze roll son my pain, they are more happy, put on my head was cut down, take my wound down.
Then raised my limbs, help me hard heap in a wheelchair, with just the way she put my legs on the traction frame, all of a sudden my leg cramps, toes trembling, they try to break my toes, only to hear the sound of a Kaba. To break up, I suddenly fainted, they struggled a slap in the face, my fan woke up, they said the tape was tied to my waist, I tired and breathless, they struggled to push the wheelchair, running in the meadow, a stone of stumbling the wheelchair, wheelchair turned over in the air, directly buckle under the ground, I buckle on the ground, I was hardly a whole piece of bone, my limbs shape strange collapsed on the ground, the children rushed to my head to foot, laughter ran because it is a partial. Secluded place, nobody noticed that I know, I noticed the husband. I was already dying, and rescued more than and 20 hours before I came to the rescue. At that time, I didn't have a single bone in my head.
After all these days, I was injured, also began to heal, but still in the intensive care room around, listen to the nurse said, my injury is really too heavy, plus if I hurt, will toss, nurse is not assured to put me in the general ward. Husband will be two to three days to visit me every time I clutched the fracture hand, say some words to me, until the doctor waved him away. The last thing that he was guilty, he would not let me out, let me in this small room all day, I like a prisoner, was shut in the hut, every time a rehabilitation of the people through my this little house, will say: "you see this person. All fractures, really poor! Gentlemen, can not stand."
I hate these people's pity, really, I will be like a normal person sooner or later!
Mom and dad will often come to see me, every mother would cry pitch-dark, to not think so and misfortune.
One day, the painkiller Jin just passed, I can not stand the pain, just to see my parents, my mother wore gowns, from a start in couldn't stop crying, crying and said: "if you look at my daughter, lay in bed and much pain! I can't see my daughter. I feel pain in my body." Then he choked.
At this time, I was a little shocked, and my mother was scared! Mother cried and screamed, "nurse! Doctor! My daughter, she hurts, she hurts, come and save my daughter." I had nothing to do, listen to my mother so called, I can not help but began to tremble. Already excited mother suddenly fainted, dad didn't want to help hold the mother suddenly to the pressure, I was already full of injuries on the body, my legs fell from the traction frame, a direct hit bed on the curb, gypsum broken in half, my body's breathing tube, gastric juice tube, also has a variety of pipe, all of a sudden be pulled off the ear drops, machine sound, all of a sudden I breathe here, and don't know what happened.
The vertical and head hanging all were flying down like rain at the dislocation of their eyes and nose below the chest
Because of the large number of painkillers, so delirious, eyes suddenly faint and all of a sudden, open, close, feel confused, someone would speak in the ears, said the cousin what, then a face appeared in his eyes, wear full protective clothing, wearing masks and goggles. Do not know who, just feel good about gentle eyes well. The spirit of a good point to find that it is not a face, but a gloved hand holding a small mirror reflection of the face. Now just understand, is the cousin back? Cousin in Germany for a master's degree in nursing, but she went to less than half a year, ah, ah, he has been in hospital for a long time, ah, good sleepy, no spirit, someone in the ear, but I fell asleep.
Because the wheelchair was pushed down the hillside by the kids, I was hurt again. Because the hands and feet can not protect themselves, fell to the ground when I first face. Now the whole head is fixed in a metal cage with gauze on the face, and the outside is fixed with metal and plastic. The cage was pulled by the pull rope, pulling my neck, so that I was oppressed by the fracture of the neck nerve, can slowly regain consciousness. His mouth was full of gauze, can not speak, the neck of the trachea was cut again.
My cousin decided to take me as the object of her graduation thesis, 24 hours and I eat and take care of me.
I was hospitalized for a long time, lung infection, cousin strict implementation of disinfection, declined to visit. Every morning, the cousin will use the medicine mopping the floor, wipe all kinds of equipment. Then I give my only eyes a thick gauze and an eye patch. Then open the curtains and windows, let the sun shine into my room, the sun shines on the warm.
Then, the infusion bag will change my cousin feeding food, because my nose is broken, replace the nasogastric tube is very painful, always let nose again fracture, I will faint pain roll, cousin to direct fistula in the stomach, anyway, my neck fracture body no feeling, wait body recover is nose fracture is good, without the liquid tube.
Then I can sleep a little sleep again to add a little physical strength, in the afternoon, nurses will come to me to change the dressing every day for a place gauze, a hand or a foot, head, chest or lower body. You can change your whole body once a week.
Before the change, I would have to give me an injection of pain killers, so I didn't have any pain in my sleep. In my dreams I will usher in my tea, second bags of food, I will have a short time awake at night, although very painful, but I will put a cousin for sound fiction, but in fact I read, I would faint pain. Then the night sleeping pills and painkillers, and a bag of snack food, my cousin in the bed next to accompany me to sleep. Although only two short time sooner or later, even in the morning wearing goggles, but I am very gentle and considerate care of my cousin, let me not be too painful, will help me fracture toes tickle, or help me massage the abdomen to help digestion, or in the bed when I feel dizzy slightly a little higher.

"Crash", a thunder accompanies lightning, through the dark night, the wind blew the door window "bang, bang" sound does not stop. "Hey, the SA, somehow also school nurse professional, for so long, always Maomao bipolar manic, work didn't close the window." I put down the mouse, leave the computer, go to the window, outside orchid street has lost its scene of debauchery, heavy traffic. Right around the corner opposite, neon lights, the club and the dusky light. Some of the damage left the 3 storey, dark with no light, occasionally pass by lights flashed, can vaguely see the signs and gate Decepticons KTV studded with wood, damaged seals. The orchid street stores are closed, once the romantic themes, the joys of spring is the wind blowing all a hideous mess, disappeared without a trace. Shut the window, back to the front of the computer, I ordered a smoke. As cotton and smoke over, once past one one from the memory of the float, "crackling" sound of the keyboard, orchid Street story appeared on the screen "".
"I, Zhao Zhiqiang, said the strong brother, he grew up in the country, he joined the army. In the frontier army troops, because lack the doings of ghosts and gods, was sent to the health team, surgical skills learned some basic such as dressing like after the rescue, as a medic. The comrades have injury is usually can get with this technology, the army was dispatched to this small city troops, then to the troops in the orchid street this small surgery hospital. The hospital is small, but because the army system and consider the war needs, is completely of the five internal organs. The two storey building, including a floor clinic area, dressing area, two floor room, there is a small X light room, including old Dean and chief physician, and a nurse. Had to old Dean emeritus age with me for a while, from the theory and practice of strengthening my medical level, he retired. Then tissue reorganization, the district unit was downsizing fell, the nurses also removed from his post. Because I also become accustomed to in the small hospital joy comfortable nobody tube, also do not want to leave the post, everyone in the busy looking for a new Department, the hospital seems to have been forgotten. So I carried the hospital management, it can balance. Even got a nurse, named ursule, school graduate, charming and beautiful. Then on this orchid Street began a period of unusual stories."

Orchid Street series of Liu's story

A hot afternoon, patients rarely, I dozed off in my position, SA to a finger cut the old man. "Crash when" sound, frightened us, clinic door was kicked in.
"Doctor death where go to, quickly to save!" I saw a tall woman with a petite woman come in, the woman right leg with irregular twisting, left thigh under the green shorts wearing a red vest, dripping with blood, body green blouse with mud.
"Don't come, you get out of my way!" The tall girl was wearing a red bra, some could not cover the fullness of the breast, it seems her blouse is temporary. People look is bold, called SA over, the old man is holding a finger from the seat catch up.
"You give her to me down", I yelled at her to
"You are what you to I shout and wrangle", the beauty of my eyes, are not convinced
"Because I'm a doctor, with you to drag her posture error, will add to her injuries," as a soldier I ever afraid of who. I shouted back.
I mean, she has some deficiency, and SA together the hospital bed of the petite woman brought to the dressing area.
Years of experience tells me, she not only some fractures need treatment, hemostasis and see whether the visceral hemorrhage is more important.
My name is sa cut her short shorts, the leaching with blood red vest undone, saw a 10 cm long poked the wound left upper thigh, on the permeability of blood, small pants white red half, but although deep, but not poke artery, can pressure bandage hemostatic, "this is the damn motorcycle foot support jab", on the edge of the beautiful interpretation. I took a stack of sterile gauze pad cover the wound, above the pad 2 gauze, let SA bandage tightly wound bandaged up. SA with white gauze Liu's thigh, thick around to stop the bleeding.
"Her name is willow, today take the damn friction, was hit by a car like this, the driver ran away, my name is red son", I side treatment, she explained on the edge.


People's Republic of China


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